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I am excited to share with you the Regional TDM Action Plan, 2013-2018. This was developed by the TDM Steering Committee and it represents a significant achievement for our transportation community. Committe members and PSRC should be commended for their leadership and commitment to building a sustainable, multi-modal 21st century transportation system. 





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Good comments, Dacia.  You should look at PSRC's (and partners') Growing Transit Communities project at the PSRC website.  It speaks to many of the issues you raise.  I'm hoping that that work informs our development patters and housing policies as they evolve.

Re telework: Yes, it's great.  But it is difficult to bring to market in any significant way.  That doesn't mean we shouldn't try.  We have inpartnership with teh state in teh AWV mitigation project.  But I am weary of telework evangelism.  (Being a little inflamtory to elicit discussion.  I don't think you're an inflamatory telework evangelist.  At least I don't think so...)


First, thanks for your kind words and especially for taking the time to read and comment on the Regional TDM Action Plan. I really appreciate it.

To your point about telework, I'll say that you haven't been the only person to mention the seeming absence on this topic. I'll note that this certainly wasn't an intentional omission on the TDM Steering Committee's part, but was due primarily to space constraints and an absence of noteworthy examples as the Committee developed the Plan. 

The Committee's intent was to produce a shorter, more compelling document that was necessarily going to leave out winning examples of TDM work in the region. Additionally, we just had a hard time identifying a specific example of an ongoing and successful telework project in the region. This gets to an issue that I've struggled with regarding telework, which is that it's great as a concept, but operationalizing in practice, particularly as it relates to TDM implementers in the public sector, can be difficult. 

That said, I've since learned about successful telework examples that have been implemented by Alaska Airlines (and maybe Horizon Air as well) and CH2MHill that could be carried forward in a future version of the Regional TDM Action Plan.

To your point about Rail~volution and access to transit, I can't say that the Committee discussed specifically the issue you raise about connecting TOD and affordable housing. Nevertheless, increasing neighborhood programs and improving access to transit and other efficient transportation options and strategic priorities for TDM implementers in the region and I think these areas overlap with the point that you are making.

That doesn't mean that the Committee can't consider that going forward or have a role in discussions of how we develop and grow TOD in the region. I know it'll be an area of continuing interest here at PSRC and I'm happy to bring those topics to the TDM Steering Committee as they see fit.

Thanks again for your comment and please continue providing input on the Plan!


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