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More Proof: Engaging people about their transportation choices directly affects traffic right away

It has happened again. When people are engaged about their travel choices, they make different choices and congestion is irrefutably reduced.

Great story about the anticipated Viadoom (Viaduct closure for Bertha's tunneling) and the effectiveness of the public outreach about travel options.

“I made a joke to multiple people--and now I gotta eat my words--about the fact that the city's best suggestion on how to deal with this is not to drive,” he says. (Indeed, “Work From Home” came in third on the official list of options the Washington and Seattle departments of transportation and other involved agencies released to help people navigate the mess). “And I thought, well, that isn't much of a suggestion. We've all got work to do. And yet, I'm kinda getting the impression that that's what happened."


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