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TDM Executive Board

TDM Technical Committee

Formerly the Statewide CTR Board


The mission of the TDM Executive Board is to improve the quality of life for all Washingtonians by shaping and determining policies that support successful, innovative TDM programs statewide. The purpose of the board is to influence broad TDM goals and targets; inform policy; and elevate the profile TDM can play in advancing collective outcomes around public health, economic vitality, climate change, and supporting thriving communities.

The TDM Executive Board also supports WSDOT’s strategic plan, specifically its inclusion and Practical Solutions goal areas, as well as the Governor’s Results Washington initiative. The board is supported by the 16-member TDM Technical Committee. This committee uses input from the board to develop TDM program recommendations.

TDM outcomes are diverse and include better travel-time reliability, cleaner air and water, GHG emission reductions, vibrant and well-connected communities, and access to opportunity for all.

The TDM Executive Board is chaired by WSDOT Secretary Roger Millar, while the TDM Technical Committee is chaired by WSDOT Assistant Secretary Marshall Elizer.


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