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Commute Seattle is hiring an outreach coordinator!

Community Transit is hiring a vanpool product owner!

WSDOT is hiring a community liaison!

Interested in joining the CTR Board?
We are accepting applications for membership! If you’d like to help shape transportation demand management policy in our state, fill out this application, save (print) a copy as a pdf file and email it to Kathy Johnston. If you have any questions, please call 360-705-7925.


CTR Board report to the Legislature (adopted final)
Flexibility policy options (draft)
October meeting summary (draft)
Education options (draft)

Agenda (revised)
Board report to the Legislature (draft)
Strategic plan presentation
Strategic plan ~ SDOT input
Practical Solutions/Integrated Scoping flowchart (draft)

CTR Board Workshop Agenda
Concepts List
24 Draft Concepts
New Concept Template (Word)
Next Steps Description


Summer 2017 Transportation Workshop Results
Summer 2017 Transportation Workshop Overview

Implementer Interview Notes
Community Transit
Everett Transit
Pierce County & Pierce Transit
Spokane County
Tacoma and Downtown on the Go
Thurston Regional Planning Council
TransManage (Bellevue)
City of Vancouver
Whatcom Council of Governments
Yakima Valley Council of Governments

Agenda (final)
Survey of potential trip reduction strategies
2017 CTR Legislative report: key messages
Draft summary of CTR Legislative Report data
New grant program brief
CTR plan update review summary
CTR funding allocation policy (2013)
CTR funding allocation policy (2017)
May meeting summary

Legislative report: schedule & outline (draft)
Legislative report: potential key messages (draft)
New grant program: assumptions
CTR program "SWOT" table (draft)
2019-2023 CTR strategic plan (draft)
April meeting summary

Draft Six-Month CTR Work Plan
CTR budget proviso
CTR 2015-16 Aggregate Report
Draft CTR Strategic Planning Timeline
March meeting summary

Agenda (draft)
Practical Solutions presentation
History of CTR presentation 
TAG scenario-planning discussion summary

January meeting summary
Draft CTR work plan activities for Board discussion
CTR Board members and terms
Efficiency grants support letter (template)
Efficiency grants one-pager


CTR Pilot Presentations and Final Reports:
CTR Board Final Report

City of Tukwila Pilot Presentation
City of Tukwila Pilot Final Report
City of Tukwila Program Analysis

City of Tacoma Pilot Presentation

Snohomish County Pilot Presentation
Snohomish County Pilot Final Report

YVCOG Pilot Presentation
Yakima Valley Pilot Final Report

City of Seattle Pilot Presentation
City of Seattle Pilot Final Report

Legislative Committee:
Draft Efficiency Grant Program Options


Agenda (draft)
October meeting summary
Updated CTR planning expectations
CTR measurement policy (FINAL)

Agenda (draft)
September meeting summary
Allocation policy
Funding policy questions
Goals & targets expectations
Recent decisions

Agenda (draft)
July meeting summary

State CTR plan 2015-2019 (draft)
Goals & targets for 2015-2020 CTR plans (ppt 3 Mb)

No meeting.

Agenda (draft)
June meeting summary

Performance committee: goals proposal (draft)

Agenda (draft)
Pilot decision
Summary of alternate plans
TDM performance measures presentation (pdf)
State plan and operational policy 2011-2015
Goal design standards and flexibility discussion May 2014
State plan 2015-2019 DRAFT

Agenda (draft)
Governor’s Executive Order: Carbon pollution reduction
DOR special notice: CTR tax credit extension
Goal reconsideration
Alternative plans:
Redmond (ppt)
Seattle (pdf)
Snohomish Co. (pdf)
Tacoma (ppt)
Tukwila (Word)

Agenda (draft)
Discussion item: Affected jurisdiction threshold recommendations (draft)
Discussion item: CTR program goal recommendations (draft)
Discussion item: four-year-cycle requirements
Discussion item: ITE Journal story (pdf)
Presentation: Evolving CTR program (ppt)

Agenda (draft)
CTR program assessment: key questions & recommendations
CTR program assessment: executive summary
CTR program assessment: future measurement
Measurement survey: response summary
CTR program: customer needs matrix
Evaluating an evolving CTR program ~ Brian's presentation (updated)

Agenda (draft)
Redmond TMA presentation
Measurement discussion outline

Agenda (draft)
2014 CTR Board timeline (draft)



We're building a one-stop hub for all CTR-related policies, including statutes, bylaws, principles, plans, reports and more. If you have an idea for something we should include here, let us know!

CTR Board reports to the Legislature
2017 (folio)
2017 (standard)

State plan & decision items
State CTR plan: 2015-2019 (amended)
Decisions & guidance: 2015-2019

CTR-related statutes, mandates & regulations
CTR measurement policy
Funding allocation policy
Goals & targets: technical guidance

Board operating documents
CTR Board principles
CTR Board bylaws
Board ethics & principles

Blog Posts

Congrats Jef!

Posted by Larry Mattson on December 1, 2017 at 9:17am 0 Comments

Congrats on 10 years Jef!

Live blog: Dec. 1, 2017 meeting

Posted by Jef Lucero on December 1, 2017 at 8:39am 86 Comments

Interact live with the board as it moves through today's agenda! All meeting materials are posted on the front page of the site under "2017 MEETING MATERIALS." Please note: there is no Lync/Skype for today's meeting.

Live blog: Oct. 27, 2017 meeting

Posted by Jef Lucero on October 27, 2017 at 8:45am 132 Comments

Interact live with the board as it moves through today's agenda! All meeting materials are posted on the front page of the site under "2017 MEETING MATERIALS." Please join us on Lync/Skype to follow along with any presentations we might have today (link is provided below).

Live blog: June 23, 2017 meeting

Posted by Stan Suchan on June 23, 2017 at 9:43am 116 Comments

Interact live with the CTR Board as they discuss today's agenda! All meeting materials are posted on the front page of the site under 2017 MEETING MATERIALS. Please join us on Lync/Skype to follow along with any presentations we might have today (link provided below). Please note that our stellar live blogger, Jef Lucero, is not on duty today. Stan Suchan and Keith Cotton are filling in. Jef leaves some big shoes to fill; please be patient and kind! Jef will be back for future meetings.

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